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Dr. Sona Sharma

Dr Sona Sharma is an author, medical professional, blogger and a science enthusiast. Her interests are deeply embedded in her writing. Her work has often been described as captivating, crisp, fast-paced and engaging by reviewers. She is known for connecting the dots in complex plots leading up to unusual conclusions.

Her latest book, Mandeep Meets Mandeep is based on true events. It was featured on Amazon's bestselling list and Hot New Releases. She believes it is not just a story of two people, but a source of hope for many who will benefit from it.

Her mythology science fiction, Time and Tide, has been featured as a must-read in several noted publications and digital magazines. A firm believer in making early education exciting, she has also written a series of books with science concepts for young readers.

An optimist, she believes in presenting the better side of human nature through her work. She believes that every written word has the power to influence perceptions and that every writer must use this power judiciously and responsibly.


Glimpses of the Book Launch Event - Mandeep Meets Mandeep 

Mandeep meets Mandeep was launched by the renowned actress Ms Tisca Chopra at Oxford Bookstore New Delhi. The event was attended by well-known oncologist Dr Esha Kaul and the CEO of DKMS India Mr. Patrick Paul apart from both the protagonists of this true-life medical thriller

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Mandeep meets Mandeep Book
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Book review for Mandeep Meets Mandeep



"With an impressive plot, it is a fast-paced book with a crisp, intriguing narration. The author weaves an amazing tale of destruction, challenges, conspiracy and hope."

 "The storytelling skills of author will keep you hooked until the last line."

"The story is fast-paced and gripping. The unusual twist at end will blow your mind."


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