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Dr. Sona Sharma

Dr. Sona Sharma is an Indian science fiction writer and a medical professional who has also spent considerable time in the retail sector.

Her latest Fiction 'Time and Tide' has been featured as a must-read by the New Indian Express as their Women's day recommendation 2022.

A firm believer in making early education exciting, she has also written children’s books with science concepts and runs an educative magazine - Think Science India  -

Through Think Science India, she has held many events and activities for environmental  causes. 

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"With an impressive plot, it is a fast-paced book with a crisp, intriguing narration. The author weaves an amazing tale of destruction, challenges, conspiracy and hope."

 "The storytelling skills of author will keep you hooked until the last line."

"The story is fast-paced and gripping. The unusual twist at end will blow your mind."

Time and Tide on Indian Express
Time and Tide on Mid day
Time and tide Delhi Wire
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